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Charisma, ingenuity, and sheer will have propelled Netty Mac into the world of music as an impressive artist whose vocals and lyrics are adored by listeners worldwide. Hailing from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Netty had a dream which she was not hesitant to make reality, investing time in learning the technicalities of forming her own band. With the release of her first CD album ‘Rock My World’, her efforts were finally brought to fruition. A charming individual, she enjoys engaging with her fans, who are called the “Netty Mac Train”. Her appreciation for the Netty Mac Train is reflected gracefully in her art, especially the title track of her first album which she has dedicated to fans of her music.

A dynamic singer, Netty is keen on experimenting with various genres such as country, folk  and 50’s rock and roll, while also concocting a unique amalgamation of different styles to produce alluring songs. The many accolades she has acquired during the course of her career are a testament to her impressive talent, garnering nominations for fan favourite awards and even winning “Country Music Vocal Event” of the year at the “Independent Country Music Association” awards 2013. 

Netty values sincerity of character strongly, both in person and as a form of expression in her songs. Guided by her passion and love for fans, she aims to make her music relatable, with a charm that keeps the listener invested. She has explored incredibly intimate themes through her lyrics, for example in the album Rock My World ’The People Game’ which presents a depiction of the life growing up within a close-knit community. It discusses intimate issues such as facing judgement and fostering forgiveness. In ‘NUMB’, which is due to be released in March 2022, Netty focuses on the process of enduring through a state of despondence, dealing with suicidal ideation, and opening up to loved ones for help. 

Garth Brook’s songs are a source of inspiration for Netty, especially because they represent the qualities she aspires to incorporate in her music, writing moving lyrics which make the listener contemplate. She also derives insight from another artist, Melissa Etheridge, whose ability to vividly capture entire tales in a few succinct lyrics makes for enchanting compositions. No doubt Netty’s artistic potential is unparalleled, which when coupled with her sincere and gregarious persona makes for an admirable and delightful singer who aims to continue producing and recording songs for times to come.

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